AccuTru’s ExL RTD’s insulated with Mi-Dry Deliver Accuracy.

When measurement of a process requires closer tolerances than available with lettered thermocouples, the instrument of choice is usally an RTD. Most RTDs are made with platinum/platinum-rhodium thermoelements although some may be made of nickel or copper. While RTDs do provide somewhat better tolerances, they also come with some downsides. First, they are considerably more expensive and second, they may fail early when used in a system where there is equipment vibration. You should also note that RTDs do drift over time, although usually at much slower pace than base metal thermocouples. Because the change is usally slower, operators are less likely to realize the drift is occuring and thus your process, over time, may move out of control.

AccuTru RTDs are made with MI-Dry
Conventional mineral insulated RTDs are usually made with the same type of construction as a thermocouple; metal sheathed, with MgO insulation and 2 to eight wires instead of the standard 2 or 4 in a thermocouple. Here again, the MgO insulation can play a factor in the sensor’s performance. If the RTD begins to absorb water vapor, the magnesium oxide begins to lose its capacity to provide proper insulation which, in turn, leads to degredation of the sensors performance. When using AccuTru’s ExL RTD’s, you can expect the following benefits:

Benefits of ExL RTDs made with MI-Dry:

ExL Sensors are drop-in relplacements for the MgO insulated RTDs you currently use.
Connect to existing signal conditioners or transmitters with no wiring changes.
Longer life means more up-time, lower maintenance costs and fewer sensors.
MI-Dry is non-hygroscopic and does not trap moisture, which plagues MgO users, leading to shunting, shortened life, and erroneous readings.
ExL RTDs are available in most configurations and sizes.



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