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Self-Validating / Self Calibrating Processor/Transmitters

AccuTru is your only source for the patented Self-Validating / Self-Calibrating Temperature Sensor (SVS) which combines a sensor probe insulated with AccuTru’s proprietary MI-Dry compound and a processor/transmitter unit unlike anything else available in the industry today.  Customers worldwide are replacing their standard transmitters with the SVS system which provides HART feedback to your process control system with a validated temperature reading as well as sensor health status.  See more information on the SVS solution that is making traditional process transmitters obsolete in process control on our SVS product page.

Digital and Analog Transmitters

For less critical applications, AccuTru also carries a wide variety of both digital and analog temperature transmitters.  During the past ten years, the company evolved from being a manufacturer of sensors for the process automation indudustry to becoming an international provier of automation solutions, mainly for the process industries, offering a wide variety of instruments suited for industrial processes.

AccuTru carries both digital and analog transmitters, both head and rail mounted.  With a total of fourteen different transmitter types, you will find the transmitter that meets your needs.

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