Product Specifications

Magne-Trac Chamber

The chamber may be constructed of any non-magnetic material, including austenitic stainless steel, alloys such as Alloy 20, and plastics. The chamber is typically mounted to the side of the vessel with an inlet and outlet that will allow the liquid level in the chamber to match the liquid level in the vessel, in the same manner that traditional sight glasses work. Magne-Trac chambers are available to ASME 31.1 and 31.3., and utilize flange end closures for float access.

Magne-Trac Float

Standard floats are constructed of thin wall, deep drawn 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium. Optional materials are available. Each float is custom engineered for a specific application and operating process variables. The float houses a magnet array, designed to project a magnetic field through the chamber and to an externally mounted indicator assembly. Variables considered in the construction of a float are dependent on the temperature, pressure, and liquid density, as well as material compatibilities.

Magne-Trac Indicator

The standard indicator consists of anodized aluminum housing, rotating flags, and a clear cover. The standard UV stable Yellow/Black flags are uniquely constructed of high temperature molded nylon. The non-corrosive nature of the material eliminates problems with corrosion often encountered with aluminum flag/stainless steel pins most commonly supplied in the market. Magne-Trac indicators are constructed with a UV scratch resistant polycarbonate window as standard, eliminating nuisance breakage of glass and allowing a high integrity fit. The flags are a wide 1.4″ to enhance viewing. Each flag is assembled around a high temperature rare earth magnet assembly that ensures a latching action to eliminate false indication due to a vibration.

MLI Overview Specifications

Measuring Range12 to 600in (over 50ft consult sales)
Temperature Range-320°F to +1000°F (-196°C / +538°C)
Pressure RangeFull Vacuum to 2800 psig
Specific GravityAs low as 0.35 SG (consult sales for lower)

Materials of Construction

Chamber Materials  (Metal Alloys)316 /316L or 304/ 304 Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy C-276, Alloy 20, and other Non-Magnetic Alloys
Chamber Materials  (Plastics/Composites)PVC, CPVC, AND PVDF
Float MaterialsPer application – 316 SST & Titanium are standard (exotic alloys available)


Indicator Flags1.4” Wide Flag Assembly in Yellow/Black (Additional Colors Available on Request)
Indicator HousingAnodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel
ScaleFt/Inches (Std.), Metric, Percentage, Volume, etc. *Custom Scales Available
Visual IndicationEasily visible from 200 ft.


Float / Standpipe MaterialMinimum Temperature °F (°C)Maximum Temperature °F (°C)
Metallic-325°F [-198°C]750°F [400°C]
PVC-20°F [-28°C]140°F [60°C]
CPVC-20°F [-28°C]200°F [93°C]

Process Connections

Pressure Class RatingsANSI 150#; 300#; 600#; 900#; 1500#; 2500#
Process Connection Sizes½” to 10+ [DN20 TO DN150]
Process Connection TypesMNPT, FNPT, Weldolet®, Sockolet®, Socketweld Flange, Weldneck Flange, Lap Joint Flange; RTJ Flanged, Plain Pipe Stub

Float Minimum Specific Gravity

Float MaterialMinimum Specific Gravity
316/316L SS0.49 SG
Titanium0.37 SG
Monel®0.51 SG
Alloy-20b30.47 SG
Hastelloy® C2760.53 SG
PVC0.79 SG
OtherConsult Sales

Level Transmitter & Alarm Options

Transmitter OptionsMTLT-5000 Magnetostrictive

Guided Wave Radar (contact sales)

Switch OptionsMTLS-1A; MTLS-5A; MTLS-10A; MTLS-PNEU

Temperature Options

High TemperaturesInsulation Blankets, Electric or Steam Tracing, High Temperature Indicators, etc.
Low TemperaturesInsulation Blankets, Cryogenic Insulation, Non-Frost Extensions, Electric or Steam Tracing, etc.