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Wika is a globally respected name in pressure and temperature measurement technology, offering proven leadership in delivering superior quality measurement components. Wika pressure gauges and transmitters cover the applications of mechanical engineering, hydraulics and pneumatics, and liquid level measurement. Wika bi-metal thermometers are suitable for industrial processes and fluid medium applications. No matter your application, South Coast Instruments and Controls offers a wide selection of highly accurate instruments from Wika that deliver safe, efficient solutions.


High-Accuracy Pressure Measurement

This brand’s pressure-measuring instruments are part of the millions of Wika products that are put into service each year. The WIKA DG-10 Digital Pressure Gauge is built for optimal performance and features sensors designed for excellence in accuracy and repeatability. Models with ceramic sensors have pressure ranges up to 600 psi, while those with exclusive thin film sensors have 1450 psi ranges. A standard or enhanced DG-10 can: WIKA DG-10E

  • Cover a broad scope of applications with rugged steel construction
  • Offer versatile display functionality including bar graph and memory features
  • Allow for quick changes between units, such as bar, psi and MPa

The Series 1000 Pressure Indicator Gauge from Wika is a smart solution for testing, research, and production. The capsule design offers capabilities that reach 150 psig, with Bourdon tubes in the higher ranges. WIKA DG-10S

  • Accuracy is 0.1% of full scale
  • Repeatability is 0.03% of full scale
  • Ranges go from -30in Hg to 1,000 psig

The technology found in the company’s pressure transmitters, including the S-10 and S-11 models, suits an array of industrial measurement needs. Their compact designs are united with convenient electrical and process connections. Wika transmitters benefit a variety of processing and control operations — from liquid level measurement to pump protection.

Bi-Metal Thermometers for Industry

When utilized within their temperature range specification, each Wika bi-metal thermometer can deliver lengthy service with optimal efficiency.

  • Thermometers are specially sealed against weather, dust and fog-up
  • A bimetal design means temperature is measured inside the stem
  • The heli¬cally wound system is heat treated for ongoing stability

South Coast Instruments and Controls offers a great selection of bimetal and process grade thermometers from Wika for dependable accuracy in mechanical temperature measurement.

Serving the Process Industry

The best-selling Wika Process Gauges, manufactured from stainless steel, are available for use with gases and liquids. The gauge designs support positive pressure ranges up to 30,000 psi and stand up to environments with vibration or pressure pulsations. The brand’s gauge applications extend across the range of process industries: chemical, power, mining, mechanical engineering and plant construction. At South Coast, we can guide you to Wika gauges that work onshore or offshore!

Pressure and Temperature Instruments

Browse our catalog of Wika instruments for pressure and temperature measurement today! And to discover more about industrial gauges please call 949-218-0026 or e-mail sales@southcoastinstrumentsandcontrols.com


Mechanical Pressure
WIKA Mechanical Pressure Gauges represent the industry standard and are designed to provide lasting service in extreme operating conditions when properly applied. WIKA has pioneered many innovations over the years, resulting in a gauge for almost every application.

Electronic Pressure
WIKA’s TRONIC line offers a full array of general industrial and specifically designed pressure transmitters and transducers to meet the emerging demands of design-in applications and integrated electronic systems.
Mechanical Temperature
WIKA has a full line of Mechanical Thermometers for process and general industrial temperature measurement. All WIKA Thermometers are designed to provide lasting value, accuracy and operating life.
Electrical Temperature
WIKA offers an extensive line of electrical temperature instrumentation including thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s), thermowells, temperature transmitters, temperature controllers, and associated accessories.
Diaphragm Seals
WIKA has many innovative and patented Diaphragm Seals for aggressive media applications. WIKA has the right combination of materials and technology to provide lasting instrumentation operating life.
High Precision & Calibration Test
WIKA offers High Precision Monitors and Calibration Test Equipment for the most demanding accuracy and calibration requirements. Available products include laboratory and point-of-use systems for maintenance, testing, measurement and calibration.
Ultra High Purity [UHP]
WIKA offers an innovative line of Ultra High Purity measurement instruments for semiconducter and flat panel display applications. With WIKA’s Ultra High Purity products, customers receive exclusive features and proven reliability.
WIKA’s accessories complete the offering for almost every existing installation requirement. Options include needle valves, and gauge.

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